Save The Election

Building a back-up plan for assemblies and conventions

We are a hastily assembled team of game developers and computer scientists putting together a back up plan in case our upcoming election assemblies and conventions need to be managed under quarantine.

In 4-12 weeks, every county in the nation will be assembling at county and state conventions. As Covid-19 spreads, some of these assemblies will be taking place in infested states.

We are evaluating existing platforms that can handle audio and video for 3000 concurrent users.  We are developing a secure plan for how the delegates will vote.   We have the technology, but it isn’t fully tested at scale, it isn’t necessarily integrated, and we need to train people in how to use it well in advance of any potential need.    We have 6 weeks.

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Latest Updates

  • This Week’s Goals

    The technical team is off and running. We have found three potential platforms that can handle the scale required. We are now building the organization that will support their work.